Partner With Us

Would you be interested in joining Elvet Chartered Surveyors as a partner organisation?

We are looking for surveyors located outside of the North East (preferably in the Yorkshire area) to join our team and undertake the range of services we offer.


You must be qualified and have the necessary insurance requirements to undertake the selected services. It’s also essential that you can provide your own equipment and tools and that you adhere to our company policies and procedures. Where applicable, you will be expected to use our company templates when writing the final reports.

It’s free!

There are no costs involved when enlisting with us and we offer fixed rates for the completion of each survey on our behalf. Of course, the rates for each survey differ in accordance with their location and type.

Easy and flexible

We provide you with regular work in and around your area, manage your work flow and deal with all payments. The work is totally flexible so you can decide on the number of orders you undertake.

Where do I sign up?

Please complete our online form and we will get back to you with a welcome pack within two working days if your application is successful.