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Planning Permission - Commercial

Starting from: £1,250.00 GBP

One of the key aspects when undertaking any extension or refurbishment of your property is ensuring that it meets with current planning requirements, to allow you to start the project as quickly as possible, and building regulations, so that you can be safe and secure in your property.

As part of any Planning Application, we can offer the following services:

  • Review your proposals and ensure that they are compliant with current Planning Legislation
  • Propose finishes and solutions to ensure a speedy planning process, tender and construction period
  • Prepare CAD drawings of the existing and proposed elevations, sections and floor plans for the submission to the local planning authority
  • Identify which planning application may be required and if additional permissions are needed, such as Listed Building Consent
  • Liaise with the planning authority in regards to any queries
  • Assist in preparation of presentations for planning committees
  • Prepare outline cost estimates for budgeting purposes


I currently own a shop and wish to convert the upstairs into a separate flat to rent, will I require planning permission?

You can only convert space within the commercial shop for residential purposes if it does not affect:

• the classification of the premises, and
• the space is not separate from the main shop, and
• the outside appearance is not changed

If you were planning to convert the space into lettable units that are separate from the main shop it will require planning permission.

I'm planning on converting my shop into flats or houses, will I require planning permission?

Converting a commercial premise into residential will be considered a change of use and will require planning permission before any works commences.

I'm thinking about erecting, or altering, or changing the signage to our store, will I need planning permission?

All advertisements require Advertisement Consent from the local planning authority unless it is automatically permitted by virtue of planning legislation, known as “deemed consent”.

To qualify for deemed consent your proposal must comply with one of the 14 classes of outdoor advertisement to avoid an application. If your proposal does not comply with deemed consent an application will be required before any works commences.

Elvet Chartered Surveyors can assist in the above process to ensure that the correct route is chosen.

I'm planning on changing my shop into another commercial use, either a café, public house or takeaway, will I require planning permission?

If your shop is current less than 150m² you will be able to change the premises into a Café without formal planning permission, however you will need to seek approval from the local authority to change the Class from 1A to Class 3. For larger premises planning permission will be required.

If you wished to convert the premises into a Public House (Class A4) or Takeaway (Class A5) this would be a material change and planning permission will be required.

Conversely, in some cases it is possible to change a premise from an A4 or A5 into a shop without formal planning permission, however you will need to seek approval from the local authority to change the classification of businesses allowed to operate in the premises.

Please note that changes of uses may be considered permitted development depending upon the categories, however any changes to the external façade of the building may still require planning permission.

I'm considering converting my commercial premises into residential, will I require planning permission?

Yes, planning permission will be required, as you are changing the material use of the premises.

I'm considering converting my residential property for commercial use, will planning be required?

Yes, planning permission will be required, as you are changing the material use of the premises.

Local Authorities will have designated areas for shopping and commercial purposes outlined within their planning policies. It will be more unlikely to obtain planning permission to convert a residential property into a commercial premise if it falls outside of these zones, especially areas that a predominately residential.

I need to undertake some repairs to the external of my property, will I require planning permission?

Generally, repairs or renewal to external doors, windows, roofs, chimneys, fascias, rainwater goods etc., are considered permitted development that requires no planning consent before commencing the works, this is known as permitted development.

Permitted development rights may have been changed by certain Local Authorities, which will need establishing before starting any works.

We would advise that wherever possible the repair or renewal is “like for like” and in keeping with the general street scape. If your proposal is drastically different to the street scape we would recommend that the local planners are consulted before works are commenced.

If your property is within a designated area or is listed then planning permission and other consents will be required before any works can commence.