Defect Diagnostic Inspection: Subsidence

Do you think your house is suffering from subsidence?

Cracks often lead homeowners to suspect subsidence. This is not always the case so a thorough examination of any signs is necessary before assuming the worst.

Here's the answers to a few frequently asked questions below:

What is it?

Subsidence occurs when the ground under your house collapses or sinks lower, causing the foundations of your house to become misaligned. This can put strain on your home's structure as one side sinks, causing cracks to appear. 

What to look for 

Cracks will be:

  • More than 3mm wide
  • Diagonal and wider at the top
  • Visible internally and externally
  • Close to doors and windows

Other signs of subsidence include:

  • Wallpaper rippling at wall/ceiling joints 
  • Doors and frames sticking as frames warp
  • Cracks where an extension joins the house

What can I do?

If you suspect subsidence in your home, it is important that you receive expert advice from a professional consultancy with a proven track record. 

Elvet Chartered Surveyors have experienced and knowledgeable surveyors on hand to provide you with an accurate defect diagnostic inspection. 

If you do suspect subsidence in your home, please contact us on