Partner with us

Do you wish to join Elvet Chartered Surveyors as a partner organisation?

Elvet Chartered Surveyors are always looking to expand our panel of surveyors to undertake the range of services that we offer.

It is free to register with our site with no subscription costs incurred by any of our partner surveyors who work with us.

We offer fixed rates for completing the surveys on our behalf that are competitive for the current market conditions. The fixed rates are adjusted for the survey type and geographical location which are continually monitored ensure they reflect the marketplace.

Why join us?

  • No registration fee;
  • No annual subscription costs;
  • No lead generation fees;
  • Provide regular opportunities to receive orders within your chosen geographical areas*;
  • We manage work flow and generate leads on your behalf;
  • Dedicated account manager;
  • We handle all payments from clients;
  • Dedicated surveyor’s management portal;
  • No obligation to accept jobs. It is totally flexible to allow you to decide the number of orders.

To join our panel of surveyors we require that all of our surveyors can demonstrate the following:

  • Qualified to undertake the services selected.
  • Have and maintain the necessary insurance requirements for the service.
  • Adhere to our company policies and procedures.
  • All surveyors will need to provide their own tools, survey equipment, ladders and personnel protection equipment.
  • Use our suite of company templates to produce the final reports (where applicable).

If you are interested in joining our expanding surveyor panel please complete our online form. We will review the necessary information submitted within 2 working days and confirm whether your application has been successful.

Once you are registered, we will issue a welcome pack providing an induction to the company.

If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

Partner with us

*Elvet Chartered Surveyors is a free to register website and we offer no guarantee’s of volume of work generated through this website.